Senior Photo Shoot - Hailey

Does anyone else look at the young ladies of today and think "I don't remember girls being that pretty when I was in school!" I have been around so many young ladies lately and I am just blown away by their beauty. First thing I asked Hailey when I saw her the day of the photo shoot was "Who did your make up?" She smiled and said "I did!" Whaaat? Her make up was perfection! Does Hailey look familiar? She is the little sister of my beautiful bride Megan. These girls have amazing genes because they are both so GORGEOUS!

Hailey is a little powerhouse - tiny but strong. She's played softball since she was a little girl and still stays very busy with that sport. She smiles so easily and her brown eyes sparkle when she talks about her future. She is attending Texas A&M Corpus Christi in the fall (maybe you'll meet my nephew Alex!) pursuing a medical degree. As Hailey speaks of her future she lights up, but I can tell that she is most excited about making her family proud. Hailey comes from a very tight-knit family and her joy comes from seeing her family's happiness that she wants to be successful and go far.

We had such a wonderful time together in Austin! I knew Austin would have some great backdrops for a photo shoot. We went there with no prior plan of where we were going. We just figured we would know when we saw it. When we got to Austin we headed downtown. I think Austin has such a groovy downtown with lots of color and cool areas. And I never get used to the sight of the beauty of the capital at the end of Congress. It takes my breath away every single time I see it. We decided to start there and work our way back. Hailey hops out of the car with the most gorgeous black shoes. My mouth salivated when I saw those shoes. Of course I can't wear heels like that but Hailey rocked them. She walked around the capital grounds like I did in my sneakers.