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Kelsey is my cousin's granddaughter. So I guess that makes her my 3rd cousin? I don't know. What I do know is that she is a sweetheart with a quiet spirit. Kelsey is proudly graduating from University of Houston with a Health degree. Her plans for her future may include further schooling or certification. She knows her life is a blank canvas right now and she's happily painting it as she goes.

I had never been to the University of Houston campus. As usual, I had driver drama. It appears that GPS can't keep up with the constant construction in Houston. I was directed to do things that were impossible due to solid concrete walls. It was so stressful! I was so relieved when I finally got there. Kelsey and I had previously agreed to meet at a McDonalds near the entrance of the campus. Well - I didn't know there was more than one entrance. We also weren't aware that there was a 5K run at the campus that had all streets closed. I did a couple of u-turns and then did what what I always do when I'm lost - pull over and request someone just come get me. Sweet Kelsey did just that. Once we got to where we needed to be I could relax and get to work.

I have read that this campus is the 3rd largest university in Texas and covers 667 acres. It is a beautiful campus. I'm pretty sure that Kelsey and I covered most of those acres by foot finding all the nooks and corners to take cool pics at. I've never spent a whole lot of time with Kelsey and she and I spent this time chatting and getting to know one another. Kelsey comes from a line of good hearted people and she is no different. I know her family is super proud of her. I am so happy that I got to spend this time with her and share in her joy. I am very certain that this soft-spoken, easy-going, polished young lady is going to succeed in everything she does. Thank you to the Perez family for choosing me to capture this exciting time in your lives!! Love you all!

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