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Senior Photo Shoot - Skylar

I met Skylar for the first time the day of her photo shoot. We planned to meet at the gazebo in downtown Victoria. When she got out of the car with her hazel eyes and long brown hair I knew this was gonna be good. And then she smiled that dazzling smile of hers and I was doing inner back flips! (note that I've never in my life done an actual back flip. Or front flip.)

Skylar is a proud cheerleader at St. Joseph High School. She is tall, athletic and energetic. Her mom, brother and his girlfriend were with us and they provided lots of laughs for us all. I think our favorite pictures are the ones where she is laughing out loud. Let me add here that Skylar changed into her cheerleading outfit and did front flips, back flips and side flips (note that I was in awe). I can honestly say that Skylar cannot take a bad picture. She and her mom had so much trouble picking out their favorites!!!

Skylar is not just beautiful but is sweet and carries herself with confidence and grace. When I asked her what she loved most in the world she answered without any hesitation - her family and her friends. Wow. Great answer Skylar.

I would like to add that it is obvious that Skylar gets her sweetness and beauty from her mom Marlene. Marlene is a beautiful woman who adores her daughter. I thank her and Skylar for choosing me to capture this fun, precious moment in their lives. I am grateful.

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