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I had 3 bunnies in my possession for 5 days. They were used as props for my Easter Mini Photo Sessions. They were precious and extremely cute and made my photo shoots a success. My granddaughters and I enjoyed really cuddling and playing with them. When I took them back to the rabbit breeder on Sunday afternoon it was bittersweet. I will miss them but I will not miss cleaning their cage! Gross!

I spent lots of time with these bunnies and observed their behavior. So I wanted to share with you what I learned from spending 5 days with bunnies:

  1. ACCEPT EACH OTHER WITHOUT JUDGMENT – I had two separate breeds of bunnies. I had two white ones that were related and then a gray one. They were all placed together in the same cage and they all just snuggled together as one sweet family.

  2. HELP ONE ANOTHER – At one point one of the white bunnies thought he was big enough to climb out of the cage. He miscalculated and ended up falling in the water bowl. He was soaking wet (it was so funny!!). He started to lick himself to clean and dry himself off. The other two bunnies got on each side of him and started licking him to help get him clean. (Why didn’t I take a picture of that???)

  3. CHEW YOUR FOOD SLOWLY AND COMPLETELY – They would take a morsel of their food and then chew, chew, chew before swallowing.

  4. BE THANKFUL FOR THE SIMPLE THINGS – The rabbit breeder gave me a bag of hay which I used as treats for them. The minute they would hear me rustling that bag they would come to the edge of the cage and the white ones would even stand up straight on their hind legs!

  5. DON’T ASSUME THAT ALL CUTE THINGS ARE HARMLESS – When I was taking them back I put my finger in the cage and said in my sweetest baby voice “bye bye precious bunnie”. The gray bunny bit the end of my finger.


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