Family Photo Shoot | Jenny, Greg & Cameron

Jenny & Greg. This sweet couple in these photos are obviously too young to remember this ~ but ~ who else emembers Jenny & Greg from All My Children? I know I’m truly aging myself when I talk about this but I can’t help thinking about that as I type these names! I was OBSESSED with Jenny & Greg's love story on All My Children. Back in the 80's.

Ok, enough about that. Meet this Jenny & Greg. And their baby boy Cameron who is so stinkin’ adorable! If you say to Cameron “give me a hug” he doesn’t put his little arms around your neck. No. He puts his head on your shoulder. How sweet is that? I appointed myself an honorary grandmother to this little boy. And I have to brag a little bit. He took my hand and walked beside me during the photo shoot. I think he liked me too.