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New Year's Eve - Fabulous Couples Photo Shoot

Got a message from Michelle. I could tell she was really excited. She and her husband Michael were planning on celebrating their 12th Anniversary on New Years Eve in Victoria. They were going to dress up to the nines and have dinner at The Sendera. She asked if I wouldn't mind photographing them on NYE? Maybe she thought she was interrupting some fabulous NYE plans for me and Timmy. Uh - no. No plans for us!!! We usually spend our NYE at home watching the New York Rocking Eve show. She even sent me a picture of the gown she would be wearing to dinner. It was fabulous. I got excited too. The opportunity to photograph a couple, in love, dressed in formal, beautiful clothes?? Oh yes please.

A few days later she said that they were being joined by their friends - Rodney & Lindsey. They too were getting all dressed up and also wanted a photo shoot. Could I also photograph them? Sure! Why not! Another couple - all dressed up? Yes I could!

The week heading up to the shoot I nervously watched the weather. It switched daily from 20% chance of rain, to 90% chance of rain, to 0% chance of rain. As a back up plan, I called The Sendera and asked them if it rains, could we use their restaurant for our photo shoot? They graciously said yes we could.

The morning of the photo shoot looked very promising. There was rain predicted but not until late in the night. So we met up in beautiful downtown Victoria.

Michelle & Michael arrived first so we got right to it. Michelle's dress was cobolt blue which made her eyes pop. She looked gorgeous! Michael looked very handsome as well and his tie matched Michelle's dress perfectly. And they were so playful and cooperative. The perfect couple.

Lindsey & Michael arrived also looking fabulous. I was meeting them for the first time but they were so easy going and friendly. We were immediately comfortable with each other. And imagine my joy when she pointed out a baby bump! A glamour/maternity shoot! Doesn't get better than that. We did some photos that emphasized the bump and others which didn't show it at all.

We then did a few group shots and I could tell the guys were ready for the cocktail hour. So we called it a wrap.

Michelle is a sweet, big-hearted beautiful lady. She ended the shoot by presenting me a gift - which was an adorable Eiffle Tower key chain. What a doll.

Thank you Michelle, Michael, Lindsey & Rodney for choosing me to capture this special evening!! May 2016 be your best year ever!!

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