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Jordan + Kevin - Maternity Photo Shoot

Poor Jordan. I thought I'd never get her maternity photo shoot done. Our first booking was a nasty, wet cold day. We were going to shoot at our beautiful Riverside Park so I went there that morning to check it out. Everywhere I went the ground was soft and muddy. Jordan asked if we could reschedule. We set another date a week later and guess what? It was again a nasty, wet, cold day. Ugh! Poor Jordan. So we rescheduled for this past Sunday and I know we both breathed a sigh of relief that the weather was so nice. Perfect temperature and sunshine. She showed up looking gorgeous with her adorable boxer dog - Lola. My first thought she looks so beautiful and then - uhh, where's her husband? She was on the phone and when she hung up she told me he was stuck at work, probably would not make it in time. My heart went out to her! Poor girl! Well we decided to go with the photo shoot anyway and I'm glad we did. Her mother and mother-in-law were both there and along with Lola this became an all-girls photo shoot. They were all so happy to take pictures together and I have to say we got some beautiful, memorable shots. But I know Jordan wanted her husband in the pictures.

So I offered to do another shoot on her husband's next day off which was today. Again we had perfect weather so I knew this was going to finally work out for Jordan. They showed up looking adorable and her husband Kevin was so sweet and willing to pose however I needed him to! He certainly was happy to kiss Jordan whenever I asked him (even when I didn't ask him)!

I know Jordan is going to be happy. Despite all her troubles, we got pictures with the happy grandmothers, Lola and finally Kevin. All is well.

I was also happy because today I took my granddaughter Alana with me who served as my assistant for the very first time. She was so awesome, carrying my rug, the props and just being stinkin' adorable. My heart swells with joy.

Jordan - thank you thank you thank you for choosing me to capture this beatiful time in your lives. I am grateful. I pray that you treasure these photos forever and have a healthy birth and an easy delivery. Enjoy a preveal from your shoot.

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