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Wedding Chat with Sande ~ Tips from a Wedding Hair Stylist ~ Featuring Morgan Pfeffer ~ Make Me Chic

Morgan has been my hair stylist for a couple of years now. I love the way she does my hair plus she has become a sweet friend. Morgan is gorgeous and has the biggest heart I know. She owns Make Me Chic Salon in Port Lavaca and is currently renovating a large space into an elegant, modern and beautiful salon. My jaw dropped when she recently gave me a tour of her new salon! She has worked so hard and the results are stunning!!

Besides doing my hair, she and I have worked together with several brides and weddings. She is awesome at a wedding. She does custom hair styles and can handle large bridal parties without even breaking a sweat. Everyone loves their hair style when she is done! And - of course Morgan was the stylist at my own daughter's wedding!!

So I knew she was the perfect stylist who would give me some great tips that I could share with my brides to help them when selecting a hair stylist for their upcoming nuptials!! Here is my interview:

Me: Hi Morgan! Congratulations on your beautiful new salon! Thank you so much for taking time to chat with me and sharing some knowledge with my brides!!

My first question is how far in advance should a bride think about booking a hair stylist?

Morgan: About 3 months before the wedding would be a good time to book your stylist.

Me: What is the most important thing a bride should consider when choosing a stylist?

Morgan: She should first ask the stylist if they will do a trial run. This will help the bride and the stylist get to know each other. A good stylist will be happy to do a trial hair run with a bride. A great time to do a trial run would be the day of an engagement or bridal photo shoot.

Me: Once a bride hires you, what can she do in advance to assure all goes quickly and smoothly on the day of the wedding?

Morgan: Show me what you want! Send me pictures of the hair style you want for your day and encourage all wedding party to do the same. That assures that we are all on the same page on the day of the wedding. It saves lots of time!

Me: About how long does it take to style each person's hair on a wedding day?

Morgan: Once I get set up, I spend about 30-40 minutes per girl.

Me: Lastly, what advice do you give the bridal party before they get their hair styled?

Morgan: I think the biggest misconception is that dirty hair holds better. That is not true. Day old hair is ok but not more than that!! Also - I always request that all girls come with dry hair. Lots of girls wash their hair in the morning then put it up in a bun and it's not completely dry when they get to me. It adds a lot of time to have to blow dry before I start.

Me: This has been awesome Morgan! I thank you so much. I'm sure my brides will find this informative and helpful! I wish you the best!

Morgan: You're welcome!!

Morgan's bio:

Morgan is so proud to be the owner and hairstylist of Make Me Chic Salon in Port Lavaca. She has been in the industry for 6 years and absolutely loves her job because she gets to make every person who sits in her chair feel great about themselves. Morgan is a Pravana Master Colorist and specializes in the popular balayage and ombre techniques. Morgan stays updated on all the latest trends and places high value on listening and understanding her clients needs. She believes in continual education and strives to expand her knowledge for her clientele. She loves to step outside the box with unlimited creativity.

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