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Sal + Sierra Wedding Day

Whenever I meet a couple, the first thing I ask them is "how did he propose?" I love a good love story. Sal & Sierra's story didn't disappoint!!

Sal, Sierra and a whole bunch of their friends planned a weekend trip to Garner State Park in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Everyone was in on the secret except Sierra - Sal was going to propose. He had it all planned out. They were going to hike to his favorite look out point where he would propose. The friends were ready with cameras to document every moment.

Except one problem - Sal couldn't find his favorite look out point. He was so determined that he just took off in front of every body, trying to find it. Sierra was a bit irriated because he was leaving her way behind.

Finally, he found it. He stepped out on the point and asked Sierra to come see the beautiful view. In spite of being irriated, she was glad he found what he was looking for and joined him. Sal fell to one knee and asked Sierra "will you marry me?" Sierra was stunned and beyond happy. "Yes!"

Oh, to be young and in love. How awesome.

The wedding was much of the same. Sal and Sierra were so happy, they smiled throughout the entire day. The bridesmaids were gorgeous, sweet and so happy for Sierra. The groomsmen? Well they were a hot mess. I never had so much fun photographing a group of guys. They were full of laughter and fun. Tin Spur Ranch was the perfect venue for this rustic wedding day.

I smiled all day long too. I left that evening with a warm heart and a huge piece of wedding cake.

Congratulations Sal & Sierra. You are young but mature beyond your years. I pray for a long life of love, peace, prosperity and family!!!!

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