Wedding Chat with Sande - Kids or no kids?

When we were planning my daughter Desiree's wedding, we struggled with this question ~ are kids invited or will this be an adult only affair? I put out a facebook poll and received opinions for each side. Some said it is a family function so children should be allowed. But the majority replied - whatever the bride wants. Desiree and her now husband Tony both come from relatively large families. Budget wise, they were trying to keep the caterer at under 250 plates. The family and friend guest list grew and grew and grew. The only way to keep it under 250 was to cut the children. So their wedding became an adult only event. The only children there were the flower girl, and the Jr. bridesmaid and groomsman. All three were family members. We believe it was the right decision for their wedding and we only had two families who said they couldn't come because they couldn't bring their children. It seemed to me that our guests seemed happy to get a sitter, get dressed up and have a night of dancing and having fun. Aside from the two families, we had no other complaints and the night was a blast.

Here are some tips from The Knot on how to handle the delicate situation of 'no kids' :

Adults-Only Wedding Invitation Wording:

Do Properly Address the Invitation

To make it clear from the start that your wedding is adults only, address your invitations to exactly who is invited—or some guests with children might assume their whole family is invited. You can also go the extra mile and write in their exact names on the response card (just like you addressed them on the outer envelope), and then all they'll have to do is check "will attend" or "will not attend." That way, it will be clear that "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith" are the guests invited.