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Presidio La Bahia ~ Dean + Emili Engagement Photo Shoot

I believe it was January when I first received an email from Emili. She said she had been referred to me by her good friend - Sandy Ordonez (thank you Sandy!) and wanted to discuss an Engagement Photo Shoot. We made some tenative plans and then she said she thought it was too early. She would like to wait for the summer when the weather was better. Summer came and went and I never heard from Emili. And then boom - out of no where she called me. She was still wanting to talk with me about her engagement shoot with her fiancee - Dean.

We meet and had an instant connection - immediately talking forever like old friends. She told me all her relationship with Dean - they are high school sweethearts!!! She said Dean's mother was her 8th grade teacher and they started dating in high school.

On the 4 year anniversary of the start of their relationship, they traveled to Corpus Christi where Dean had lots of surprises up his sleeve. He had arranged for dinner at a very nice restuarant and then they had snow cones and a walk on the beach. He proposed to her under a little hut on the beach and of course she said yes! The sweet moment was cut short when they were creeped out by a homeless guy but that didn't ruin Emili's memory of the evening. She smiled big and her face just lit up as she relived one of the happiest moments of her life. I get so sappy when I hear a good love story.

I'm not gonna repeat the story of our photo shoot day - most of you already know it - we were locked into the Goliad Mission and had to call the sheriff to rescue us (If you don' t know this story - find it on my Facebook page - Sande's Studio. It's a doozy!)

It took about 45 minutes for us to be rescued from this fort. But we didn't waste the time, I continued to take pictures of Emili and her sweetheart Dean. You can tell a lot about a person's character when you see how they react to a situation like getting locked into an old battle fort. Emili could have been disappointed that she didn't get photos in her second outfit. She wasn't. She continued to look gorgeous, smile and love up on Dean. Dean could have been irriated as the situation. Lots of men only endure a photo shoot. Not Dean. He was such a sweetheart and continued to flash his dazzling smile at my camera. They laughed about it and we continued to take pictures of them including their dear puppy Mama. Poor Mama, she got a sticker in her little paw and hopped around on 3 legs for the remainder of the shoot. But even she was a troooper about it!

Even though we were locked in, we had a great time together and we got some amazing shots that I believe caught their sweetness and their love for each other. Sigh (insert another sappy moment here).

Please enjoy this photo of my new friends. I wish them a lifetime of love, smiles and God's blessings.

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