Wedding Chat with Sande - Wedding Day Makeup - Featuring Yurim Cabrera

Oh where do I start! Yurim Cabrera is a bit special to me because she is the very first person to reach out to me when I was just starting my photography business.

I was doing Boudoir and knew I wanted to be able to offer hair and make up with my sessions. I knew it was a must if I wanted to be competitive. But I had no idea how to go about finding one. Then one day I got a message from Yurim. She wanted to introduce herself as a make-up artist and would love to meet me. I was so pumped! Of course I wanted to meet her! So I got all professional on her - I said "I'd love to meet you - let's meet for coffee at Starbucks." She agreed and we set a date and time. A couple of days later she contacted me again, said she had a family emergency, could we reschedule for Friday afternoon? So I lost my professionalism. "Sure", I replied. "But if we meet on Friday, I need a margarita!" She said "Girl! Now you're talking! Let's go to Casa Ole!"

Friday comes, we meet at Casa Ole and within 5 minutes she is telling me that her favorite drink is the Green Iguana. So I'm game - I'll try one. Oh my goodness - that drink was so good! It is still one of my favorite drinks of all time although I will stay on my professional side and not discuss why I'm not allowed to drink those anymore!!!! ;)