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Wedding Chat with Sande - Wedding Day Makeup - Featuring Yurim Cabrera

Oh where do I start! Yurim Cabrera is a bit special to me because she is the very first person to reach out to me when I was just starting my photography business.

I was doing Boudoir and knew I wanted to be able to offer hair and make up with my sessions. I knew it was a must if I wanted to be competitive. But I had no idea how to go about finding one. Then one day I got a message from Yurim. She wanted to introduce herself as a make-up artist and would love to meet me. I was so pumped! Of course I wanted to meet her! So I got all professional on her - I said "I'd love to meet you - let's meet for coffee at Starbucks." She agreed and we set a date and time. A couple of days later she contacted me again, said she had a family emergency, could we reschedule for Friday afternoon? So I lost my professionalism. "Sure", I replied. "But if we meet on Friday, I need a margarita!" She said "Girl! Now you're talking! Let's go to Casa Ole!"

Friday comes, we meet at Casa Ole and within 5 minutes she is telling me that her favorite drink is the Green Iguana. So I'm game - I'll try one. Oh my goodness - that drink was so good! It is still one of my favorite drinks of all time although I will stay on my professional side and not discuss why I'm not allowed to drink those anymore!!!! ;)

Yurim and I have developed a tight business relationship and an awesome friendship. She has worked on so many of my clients and made them all drop dead gorgeous. She was our make up artist at my daughter's wedding. You know we all looked stunning walking down that aisle!

Yurim specializes in Airbrush and all different types of makeup. She has trained and worked with different cosmetic companies and makeup artist’s that has worked in the film and fashion industry. She also trained in various locations such as Houston, New York, Austin, and Victoria . Yurim is the owner of Yurim Cabrera Make Up Artistry. Even her name is fancy right???

So of course Yurim was my go-to when I wanted to blog on Wedding Day Makeup. Choosing a make up artist for the most important day of your life is intimidating. Warning - this blog is pretty long - I just had so many questions for Yurim!!!!

Here is my interview with Yurim - one of the best in the biz:

Me: Thank you so much for agreeing to do this for me! Tell me - what new make up trends are you seeing for the fall?

Yurim: A lot of ladies are keeping it neutral in the eye area and doing more of a bold lip with dark colors such as burgundy and plum etc. The great thing is that even affordable cosmetic lines are coming out with those colors so it's not so hard to find them and are still reasonably priced.

Me: What is the worst make-up mistake a bride can make on her special day?

Yurim: Silver and black or white and black eyeshadow. It's very rare for someone to pull off those colors combined without it looking like it has a blue undertone to it so I would never recommend those colors together especially on your wedding day!

Me: As a photographer, I always ask for a more matte finish and no highlighters. The highlights pick up too much light and make my model look shiny. As a make up artist, do you agree with that?

Yurim: mmm it depends where its placed and if its blended properly I usually put it mainly on top of the cheek bones and on the nose when I highlight and contour just because it makes the bride have a gorgeous glow and looks awesome in pictures.

Me: Do you have any problems working with photographer requests?

Yurim: Not at all. I love meeting and working with different photographers just because we get to know each other enough to know how one works with clients. That way we can make future plans for projects and recommendations to various people.

Me: What is the importance of the Make Up Trial?

Yurim: To me it's very important because everyone has different tastes and expectations and what may look good on one person may not look the same on the other. So by doing the trial, it gives the client an idea of how the makeup artist's work is and gives the makeup artist an idea of how much she can get away with when applying it.

Me: Lots of brides bring pictures of make up they like from Pinterest. Do you like it when they do that?

Yurim: Absolutely. I actually tell my clients to bring pictures because it helps me have an idea of what kind of look they are wanting and just give it my own twist.

Me: What if the make up that the bride wants is all wrong for her? Do you suggest changes or do you just go along with what the bride wants?

Yurim: Yes, I would suggest something else that I think would be more appropriate for her and remind her that it's her special day and that's the one time she has to go all out and look glamorous.

Me: Do you suggest lipstick, lip gloss or a lip stain?

Yurim: It depends lip stains last longer but tends to dry your lips so easily so usually I tell my clients to get a lipstick that they can carry through out the night to reapply if necessary.

Me: Which do you think is better a bride - foundation or airbrush?

Yurim: Airbrush is really in demand these days and personally I like it better as well because it leaves a smoother flawless finish and lasts a lot longer when applied correctly.

Me: What do you do to set the make up and have it last all day?

Yurim: I always ask my clients before I do anything what kind of skin type do they have whether its oily, dry or combination. Knowing that helps me prep their face properly, but my main thing is using the correct kind of primer before applying foundation because it helps to correct the skin color, even out the skins texture and helps the foundation last throughout the night.

Me: What should a bride do to prep her skin for the wedding day?

Yurim: Wash their face really good with a good face cleanser and exfoliate if necessary because it helps to clean any excess oil and smooths the face from blackheads and minimizes big pores. After that I handle the rest!

Me: What advice would you give a bride prior to her day?

Yurim: Keep calm as best as she can. Nothing ever goes according to plan so don't expect perfection and give me sufficient time so that I can exceed her expectations as far as her makeup goes.

Me: What should a bride be looking for when she is choosing her make up artist?

Yurim: Look at reviews and ask around because word of mouth is always the best advertisement. Make sure they have good quality photos that show their work so it can help determine their choice and look to see if they mention how much experience they have and how long they have been in the industry.

That was so awesome! Thank you so much Yurim - I am sure this information will be so helpful for brides!!!!!! Thank you for the interview, thank you for being so good to my clients and thank you for being my friend.

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