Danielle's Bridal Photo Shoot

Danielle contacted me earlier this summer wanting to meet about photographing her upcoming wedding. We set up an appointment and my first impression of Danielle was that she was prompt and on time for her appointment. I opened the door and probably startled her because I said "Hello! You are on time - yay!" I"m surprised she didn't turn and run!!

My second impression was how dainty and beautiful she was. We spent the first meeting getting to know each other and it wasn't long before I started hoping she would want to work with me. She was so sweet! At the end of our visit, she hired me to photograph her wedding and I was thrilled!

After the inital consultation, we also added the engagament photo session at which time I got to meet her son Aiden and her fiancee Ray. As I said in a prior blog - it was very obvious that Ray was completely head over heels in love with Danielle and Aiden. It just warmed my heart to be around them all. My favorite part of the engagement session was when Aiden suggested I photograph their "sandwich hug" which is when he gets between Danielle & Ray and they squish together for a tight hug. It was the best photo ever.

Then it came time for Danielle's bridal photo shoot. I had no idea what to expect - she asked me to come to her family's property in Cordele. She gave me directions and when I typed them into Google Maps, I was given directions that led me to Ohio! Even google didn't seem to know where this property was. But my husband is much better at directions that I am (yes, I am extremely directionally challenged) and he found it on the map for me.