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Janie & her Grandsons

This day was a long time coming. I had promised Janie a photo shoot of her grandson's in December, 2014. It took 8 months for our schedules plus Texas weather to come together.

We had rescheduled several times due to rain. And here we are again, the day started with a huge downpour. Not again! But we weren't scheduled to meet until 6:30 pm. Luckily by then the rain had stopped. But you know what that means in South Texas - steamy hot! But as I've said before - we Texans are acclimated to the hot, steamy, humid weather. I always assure my clients - I will photoshoot out the sweat on your forehead!!!

I'm not gonna lie - photoshoot with children always make me a bit nervous. Will they cooperate? Will they behave? How long can we hold their attention? I have been so fortunate in my career - I have had really good kids! This was supposed to be a photoshoot of the boys only but I encourgaged Janie to be in the photos as well. I have known Janie for almost 3 decades and I think she gets more beautiful with age. And what a future treasure for her grandsons to look back at the photos of themselves with their grandmother!

Janie is a devoted grandmother. From the day these children left the womb, she has been a daily constant in their lives. She makes sure they are always supported, loved and encourgaged. In return they bring her such joy.

The boys were so good. The older child - Elijah, just loved the camera. He flashed his big, dimpled smile at me for every photo. He followed all my instructions to a tee. The little one - Evan? Well, he did the best that a child can do. He tried to follow my instructions, he really did. But it's hard to be still when you're a little boy isn't it? I find his fidgeting made for the cutest pictures. My favorites are when I was taking pictures of only Janie and Elijah and he photobombed by sneaking behind his grandma and sticking his head out with a little smile! Both of these boys were simply delightful. After about an hour - I took a children survey - "do you want to do a few more or do you want to quit?" Elijah said "Do more!!" Evan - "Quit!" Of course. But I had my eye on one more location. So I asked Evan for just a few more pictures. He promptly agreed and cooperated with that big cheezy smile.

One of the best photo shoots yet. I left with a feeling of love and joy.

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