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Raymond + Ester Wedding

Well it's been 3 weeks since the lovely wedding of Raymond & Ester. I am done editing hundreds of photos, except a few need just a touch up and I can deliver to Raymond & Ester who have been so sweet and patient.

This was a July wedding in South Texas so I don't have to tell you it was HOT. It was steamy hot. But us Texans can deal with it can't we! We just keep going. The ceremony was held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Halletsville, Texas. My first question was why in Halletsville? Ester told me that this church was very special to Raymond as this was his home church and many members of his family were married here, baptized here etc. Ok - that makes sense! The priest was so welcoming and sweet and make the ceremony very personal and special. Huge wedding party! 10 couples, 3 flower girls and a ring bearer! They were all so awesome - the wedding party photos all went swiftly and smoothly which gave me a few minutes alone with the bride and groom. We went outside (in the heat) and were able to capture some intimate and sweet images of them.

I've known Ester for years. In 1998, I divorced my husband and had to work two jobs. While I worked evenings, my son spent lots of time with Ester and her son Christopher. I will be forever grateful to her for keeping my son while I worked. Ester called me almost two years ago wanting to hire me to photograph her wedding. Before that time, I had only shot a couple of weddings - and those were for friends. I didn't even know what to charge her! So I researched other photographers and searched my heart and came up with a proposal for her. She accepted it and I was excited but a bit scared. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that she saw something in me and my work and trusted me to capture this super important event in her life! I learned more about Ester the day of the wedding than I ever knew. I could see how much she loved her family. When I was leaving the party, Ester hugged me long and hard.

I didn't meet Raymond until the day of the wedding. He came in as many grooms do, looking a little hot & tired from all his "groom duties". But he was so gracious as we introduced ourselves. I was set immediately at ease with him and I could tell he was a really nice man. As the day continued, I knew I was right. Raymond is kind, patient and funny! I didn't know it at first - but found out later that it was also his birthday! He won't ever forget their anniversary will he? Pretty smart! And his kindness didn't stop there. After the wedding, I immediately began editing photos and uploading them to my online gallery. I let them know everytime I uploaded another batch of photos so they could start to see photos of their day. About a week later I got a phone call from Raymond saying that he was loving the pictures and wanted me to know that I did a good job. I have never received a phone call like that from a groom!!! My heart was so grateful and happy that day.

After spending that day with Raymond and Ester and their families, I am filled with joy at being a part of this fun, love-filled day. I am so happy that Raymond and Ester found each other. They are just good hearted people who deserve this happiness!

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