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Engagement Photo Shoot - Ray & Danielle

This past Saturday we braved the South Texas heat for an Engagement photo shoot for Ray and Danielle. Not real sure how Danielle found me but I'm so glad she did. At our first meeting I was struck with Danielle's genuine sweetness. I doubt there is a mean bone in this girls's body!

She told me that she and Ray were an item when they were much younger but ended up going their separate ways. A few years later, their paths crossed again and this time they both knew it was true love that deserved a forever commitment. Danille has a son from a prior relationship and Ray has accepted Aiden like his own. You can certainly see the love, wait not just love - adoration he has for both Danielle and Aiden.

I worry a bit when men and children are part of a photo shoot. Men usually are not crazy about it and children sometimes have a very small window of cooperation. That was not the case on this shoot. Ray was so cooperative and patient and put all of us at ease! And Aiden? Well he is so well behaved and fun! He had several ideas for the photo shoot and I have to say - we tried them and they worked!!

Danille cannot take a bad picture if she tried. She is so beautiful and her smile is dazzling. As Ray & Danielle viewed their photos he kept telling her "You could be a model!"

They are planning a fall wedding and I'm beyond honored that they have asked me to be a part of their day.

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