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Summer Lovin' had me a blast

I am a product of the 70's. I am all things 70's from disco music, to peace signs to of course the movie Grease. I photographed the wedding of William & Kristina this past weekend that brought that movie, and especially the song by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John - Summer Lovin' - to mind.

The wedding was outdoors. When you think of an outdoor wedding in July in South Texas, your first thoughts will be extreme heat and mosquitos. That is true. I attended an outdoor wedding a few years back and I left earlier than I wanted to because of the heat and the mosquitos. But God did not allow those elements into this wedding!

This wedding was held at the Rose Garden in Victoria, Texas. It started at 7:00 pm so the sun was setting, giving everything a golden glow. It was breezy and warm. Warm - not hot! I can handle warm! Well - the groom did look hot but he was wearing a black suit! And not a mosquito in sight!

The wedding was short and sweet. Lots of laughter, lots of sweet moments between this bride and groom. William obviously adores Kristina. Not only did he shower her with lots of diamonds but he was grinning ear to ear and couldn't keep his eyes off of her. I have known Kristina for a long time and have never known her to look more beautiful and happy. To use another social term - my heart melted when I saw her because I'm so glad she's found someone who is so invested in her happiness.

I am so thankful that I got to be a part of this wedding.

I'm happy to say my business is heating up as well! I took the month of June off for vacation and while that was wonderful, my trigger finger was itchy! So excited - I have booked 5 upcoming boudoirs! I am so pumped about that! Plus I booked a winter wedding and I'm most excited to be taking my daughter's engagement pictures next weekend! My business is growing slowly but surely.

Stay cool people!

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