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June 5, 2019

Three years ago I was photographing Makenzi's older sister Makayla.   I can't believe it's been 3 years.    Makayla was fun and spunky and so is Makenzi!!   We had such a fun time together.

Makenzi is a graduate of Victoria East High School.  She is a bit on the shy side but I can tell she is a happy girl.  She had a quick and easy smile and during our session she would be quietly singing as we walked around.   She looked pretty and I could tell she felt pretty.  She was so comfortable in front of the camera and was easy breezy to work with.   Probably our most memorable moment was trying to take photos of her with her large gold balloons in crazy South Texas spring winds!   She had to hold on to those tight.   The effort was worth it though - those are my favorite...

May 19, 2019

I was real excited when Caitlyn and her mom Veronica decided they wanted to go to historic Mission Espirito Santo in Goliad for her session.  I love the place so much.  It's the perfect backdrop for such a gorgeous girl!!

Caitlyn is as sweet as her mom is.  They are just the two friendliest, smileiest (ok I made that word up) and nicest people you would ever want to be around.  I wish I would have taken a photo of mom Veronica during our session, she carried so much in her arms - clothing change, cap and gown, extra shoes and I don't know what else.  She could have used a bunch of extra arms for sure!!  She wanted to be so helpful for us - and she was!!  

Caitlyn is graduating from Victoria East and plans to attend Victoria College to become a Registered Nurse.    I...

May 15, 2019

Allow me to introduce you to my sweet Senior - Victoria!  What a beautiful name right?  A beautiful name for a beautiful girl!! 

We had a wonderful time at Victoria's session.  She had the most adorable outfits and she and her mom were so much fun.  Victoria was willing to try every crazy idea I had including stepping down into a creek!!  And of course I had hair envy!  And if you are wondering who did her makeup - well she did it herself!  I thought it was professionally done!

Victoria is so impressive - she was so sweet to me and is very intelligent.  She told me of her goals to start at Victoria College to get her basics and wants to become an X-ray technician.  I have no doubt she will succeed!

Thanks so much to Victoria and her mom Toni for choosing m...

May 24, 2018

Haleigh's photo shoot almost didn't happen.   The day of her photo shoot was typical South Texas weather.  It was cloudy and windy and the weather was predicting a downpour.  In fact, it was sprinkling when we arrived at Riverside Park for our shoot.  Haleigh, her mom Eve and I discussed whether we should chance it or not.  Everyone's calendars were so full, we really wanted to get it done.  I knew rescheduling would be hard for everyone, but I didn't want Haleigh to have a less than perfect Senior Session experience.  I wanted her to have good memories of her session and to have fun.  Fighting the wind is never fun and then with possible rain - it could be a disaster.

But in true South Texas fashion, it didn't rain.  The sprinkles were all we got.  T...

April 29, 2018

When you are this handsome and accomplished, one photo shoot isn't enough, you have to have two!!  Meet Michael, a Victoria East High School senior.

Michael is quiet, reserved and thoughtful.  He and I had a heck of a time with his outdoor photo shoot because it was a super windy day.  While his hair was ruffled, he never was.  He was so patient as I moved him around, trying to find a direction that wouldn't blow his hair across his head!!! 

Michael's parents wanted to showcase his talent in a more formal venue.    So they booked a second session at the elegant  historic Hause Venue.   It was the perfect backdrop for this session.  We used every inch of this venue!  My favorite part?  When we were on the 3rd floor and Michael played a few bars of "A Thousand Ye...

June 13, 2017

Marissa is my daughter's father-in-law's s granddaughter.  Got that?  LOL.

Marissa and I met the day of the shoot.   She didn't have a lot of requests for her shoot except that I get some shots of her with her one love - softball.  She loves her softball!  Not a problem I told her.  Other than that, Marissa was in my hands to photograph any way I wish.  Any photographer will tell you that is a dream client!! 

We had a really fun shoot.  Marissa's parents and little brother joined us and you can just see the pride in their eyes.   Marissa is poised, quietly intelligent.   I think of the song lyrics "she doesn't know she's beautiful" because she was just so humble and almost blushed when I would tell her how gorgeous she looks.   I love how she went from swe...

June 9, 2017

John's mother Amanda is very, very special to me.  She is one of my daughter Desiree's best friends.  When they were teenagers, Amanda was at my house so much that I threatened to ask for her social security number so I could claim her on my taxes!!  LOL!  But I always enjoyed Amanda's presence - she is sweet, quiet and has a heart of gold.  So I am not surprised that she has raised a young man just like her - sweet and quiet.   

John is not only sweet and quiet but also smart!  He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Victoria East High School and has already been accepted to St. Mary's University in San Antonio.  John is going into the medical field and plans to become a doctor!  I am so proud of him (and of Amanda)!!

Typical South Texas weather - r...

April 12, 2017

Would love to introduce you to a very handsome, very sweet you man named Andre.  Andrew is graduating this spring from East High school.

I was so happy to be shooting Andre's senior photos.  Two years ago I photographed his sister Erika and those will always be some of my favorite photos ever.  Andre and Erika come from a very sweet, fun and active family and I enjoy my time with them. 

Andre's mom Tania said Andre would be a breeze to photograph and she was right.  Andre is such a sweet, respectful young man, was willing to do anything his mom and I asked of him.  We truly had fun, I provided some laughs for us -  we took pictures in a cool place that turned out to be a little muddy (okay let's be real - it was a lot muddy!) and my feet were doing the Lido Shuffle in the mud.  On...

May 13, 2016

Does anyone else look at the young ladies of today and think "I don't remember girls being that pretty when I was in school!"  I have been around so many young ladies lately and I am just blown away by their beauty.   First thing I asked Hailey when I saw her the day of the photo shoot was "Who did your make up?"  She smiled and said "I did!"  Whaaat?  Her make up was perfection!    Does Hailey look familiar?  She is the little sister of my beautiful bride Megan.   These girls have amazing genes because they are both so GORGEOUS!


Hailey is a little powerhouse - tiny but strong.   She's played softball since she was a little girl and still stays very busy with that sport.   She smiles so easily and her brown eyes sparkle when she talks...

May 10, 2016

Let me introduce you to this spunky young lady - Makayla!   Makayla lights up the room with her smile.  Her smile is like her signature.   In fact, her favorite photos from our Senior Photo Shoot were the ones where she was laughing out loud – which she does a lot of.   Makayla likes to laugh and likes to make others laugh as well. 


Don’t let the smile fool you though!  This petite Victoria East graduate is a fierce competitor in dance – she is a dancer with the Victoria Strutters Dance Team and also plays PowderPuff!!  Busy girl!


I really enjoyed my time with Makayla and her sweet mother.   They made my job easy with this photo shoot because they had already scouted out our locations and knew exactly what they wanted to do.   We just went seamlessly from...

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