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October 23, 2019

Gabby & Tim went to school together.  They were in the same grade. They graduated together.   But NEVER MET.  Isn't that crazy?  After graduation, they each enrolled in Austin Community College where they finally crossed paths.   

Gabby naturally gravitated to Tim.  Tim is a super goofy guy who loves to make her laugh.  While dating, they found that they have a lot of the same interests - like they are both movie buffs and started going to the movies almost weekly.    Tim may be goofy but Gabby found out he has smooth dance moves so dancing is another thing they enjoy together.   All of these common interests created not just a spark and a friendship between them, but it caused them to fall in love.   Deeply in love.

Another thing they...

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I am Sande, a photographer, social media manager, storyteller and unexpected entrepreneur.  I adore my clients and love to tell their stories.  Here you will find some social media + branding tips as well as stories about the wonderful people I've met on this journey.

I also occasionally share stories on my crazy life and family

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