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July 19, 2019

I don't think I've ever done a maternity photo session within hours of birth.   But that is exactly what happened with Jackie.  We did her photo shoot at 6:00 pm and she was admitted into the hospital this same night!

That didn't stop us from getting great photos.  Jackie felt great and was absolutely glowing.  She is one of those lucky mama's who only grow a tummy and no weight gain anywhere else.   She looked so beautiful - and that long and shiny hair made me so envious!! 

By the next morning, Jackie had a beautiful baby boy named Jax.  Enjoy your baby boy Jackie!  Thanks to mom Dolores for setting this up and for the great behind the scenes photos!  Enjoy being a grandma Dolores!

February 20, 2019

Emili & Dean are one of my favorite couples.  I did a very adventurous  engagement photo session & Emili's bridals with them about 3 years ago, plus Emili and I did a very beautiful Boudoir session as a gift to Dean and then we've also done Christmas photos.

So you see, I've established a very sweet friendship with this adorable couple.  I was soooo excited for them when they announced that they were expecting a little baby!! 

Our photo session was a very pretty day, however, it had been a seriously rainy week.  Our plan was to do our shoot at Patriot's Park but when we got there, the gates were closed.  It had been too rainy and was too muddy so they were not allowing people in.  So we decided to move forward just using the property around the park.  And we created magic....

July 9, 2018

This photo shoot was an adventure for sure!  Adrian & Cathy live in a charming little farmhouse in Mission Valley.   They love their little property and wanted to document the happy occasion of their upcoming baby girl there.  I get excited about new locations so was happy to go there.  Once I got there, I got an immediate feeling of a loving home with a sweet couple and lots of interesting pets.

First there was Cheyenne the horse.   One of the first things Cathy had told me was she wanted photos with Cheyenne, she loves him.   There were also some gorgeous red chickens - their leader was a rooster named Bob.    There were two ducks.   And their furbaby Stephanie.   Are you seeing why this was fun??

Cathy looked so beautiful wh...

June 30, 2018

We weren't sure this photo session would happen! The weather was predicting a weekend of nothing but stormy weather. But in true South Texas fashion - there was no rain this day - only lots of sunshine!!

Brittany was simply radiant when she arrived. Perfect makeup, hair and outfits. She is so beautiful. I had never met Adriano before this session, and I was immediately struck by his good looks, big smile and warm handshake. We headed down to Pebble Beach where there were lots of families having a wonderful time in the river. Everyone was so nice and accommodating to us. Also there was The Victoria Advocate newspaper - they were doing a story on Pebble Beach and interviewed Adrian & Brittany. They were later featured in a story in the newspaper!! How awesome is that!!

We had a wonderful ses...

June 12, 2017

This shoot was a little unique because I didn’t meet anyone in person prior to the shoot.  I had received an email from a lady from Philadelphia named Jesse.  She said her daughter was pregnant, she would be in Texas in May and wanted to book a maternity photo shoot.   All arrangements were made via email.  When Karisma got off the car my inner gymnast did a cartwheel.  She had long, soft brown hair and a flowy white dress that showed off a perfectly round tummy.  KD  had a nice smile and was so handsome and I finally got to meet Jesse in person. 

The shoot was flawless – Karisma (don’t you just love her name?) and KD were so sweet and loving towards one another.  And like all photo shoots – someone got a new name – I kept changing KD’s name to JD.  But he...

March 14, 2017

Kaye came to me with a sparkle in her eye.  She is 8 months pregnant and explained to me her vision for a maternity photo shoot.  Kaye & Bryan live out in the country, they have over 100 acres.  She wanted pictures of herself in a long pretty dress in a field.  I was immediately smitten - with her and her vision! 

We set a date and a few days later Kaye sent me a photo of her dress - a long, flowly burgundy lace dress.   By this point my eyes had sparkles in them.  I couldn't wait.  But we all know South Texas weather.  Pretty one day, cold and rainy the next.   The day of their shoot, we had a 100% chance of rain.   I contacted Kaye and asked her if she wanted a plan B - maybe we could do this the following week.  Kaye said that Bryan's work schedule was so c...

January 2, 2017

Evanly & Philip were expecting their first baby and were so excited.  Evanly was just glowing and looking gorgeous with that long beautiful hair and dazzling smile.   Philip is obviously smitten with her and is such a nice, laid back guy.

The first thing I noticed about Evanly & Philip is how different in appearance they are!  Evanly is so tiny with dark hair and Philip is soo tall with red hair!  I told them I can't wait to see what their little girl is going to look like.  We got right to work and I got into photographer mode - talking and guiding from behind the camera.  If you follow me at all, you know that I'm really bad with names.   Once I get someone's name wrong - it's stuck in my head.  I directed Philip into a pose and called him Stephen.  As soon as it came out of my...

April 28, 2016

The recent rains have caused me to reschedule many photo shoots.  The day I was scheduled to photograph Stayci & Chris was dark and rainy all day long.  Our appointment was at 6:00 pm at Riverside Park.  I knew there would be no way this was gonna happen.  But we couldn't just reschedule.  They had traveled for 4 hours from East Texas!  I couldn't just say "let's try again next week".  But thank God for my studio.  All nice and dry.


I know doing a photo shoot inside my studio would not be as pretty as an outdoor shoot.  Especially for a maternity photo shoot.  But what could we do?  We had no other choice.  Stayci & Chris agreed.   I had not met them prior to the shoot and when they walked in my first thought was "how cute are they!"   I apologized for th...

December 9, 2015

Poor Jordan.  I thought I'd never get her maternity photo shoot done.  Our first booking was a nasty, wet cold day.  We were going to shoot at our beautiful Riverside Park so I went there that morning to check it out.  Everywhere I went the ground was soft and muddy.  Jordan asked if we could reschedule.  We set another date a week later and guess what?  It was again a nasty, wet, cold day.  Ugh!  Poor Jordan.  So we rescheduled for this past Sunday and I know we both breathed a sigh of relief that the weather was so nice.  Perfect temperature and sunshine.   She showed up looking gorgeous with her adorable boxer dog - Lola.  My first thought she looks so beautiful and then - uhh, where's her husband?  She was on the phone and when she hung up she told me he was stuck at work, probably wou...

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