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March 1, 2017

So many of my brides select Maggie Sottero gowns as their wedding dresses.  Her designs are very romantic - lots of  intricate beads, dramatic trains and plenty of shimmer and sparkle.   After photographing many Maggie Sottero gowns, I got to thinking - who is Maggie Sottero? 

I started at her website - went to "ABOUT" and this is what it says: 

"For four generations, we’ve been honing our craft and pioneering technology, like the corset closure, to create designs that capture the imagination and inspire beauty among brides around the world.  With each generation we have elevated our skills and artistry, culminating in the establishment of Maggie Sottero Designs in 1997. Launching with our custom corset closure, we continue to create designs that capture the imagin...

January 3, 2017

Caitlin and Chance met in high school.  Chance loved to play video games and they were both Star Wars fans.  On Dec 17, 2011 they started dating and it didn't take them long to fall deeply in love.   

4 years went by and Chance and Catlin were inseparable.   On Dec. 17, 2015, Chance invited Caitlin out to dinner.  They had a nice quiet dinner at Olive Garden and Caitlin had no idea Chance had something wonderful planned. After dinner they went back to Chance's house and when it was just the two of them - Chance asked Caitlin to be his forever.   She very happily said YES!

Their wedding day couldn't have been sweeter.  Caitlin's beautiful face radiated with joy.  She looked so beautiful as she was preparing for the day.  E...

November 14, 2016

Richard planned a trip to take Kimberly to a concert in San Antonio.  He told her it would be fun if they invited all of their good friends   Kimberly agreed it sounded like a good time.  They were having a wonderful time when all of a sudden Richard dropped to one knee with a beautiful diamond ring in his hand.  Kimberly was blown away.  Of course she said yes!

My journey with Kimberly & Richard has been so sweet.  Our first meeting was at my studio and I was immediately drawn to them.  It was like we were sitting around a kitchen table like old friends.  They are so comfortable to be around.   They told me their wedding plans and I could tell they wanted an elegant, beautiful wedding.   We discussed my services and they told me they would think about it...

October 5, 2016

When I was a teenager one of my favorite places to go was Hauschild Music Store.  I dreamed of one day owning a shiny, black baby grand piano.  I would just spending hours at the store looking at pianos, organs and sheet music.   I was often joined by my best friend Debbie and we now talk about those days and laugh about how geeky we were.   I also often dragged my parents there to show them the baby grands and tell them how badly I wanted one.   They never bought me that but I did get an upright piano and a really cool organ that played different beats & sounds while I played.  

Hauschild Music store closed its doors years ago.   I always loved that old building in downtown Victoria.   So imagine my joy when I learned that we would be shooting K...

September 26, 2016

Megan searched long and hard for a beautiful venue to take her bridals portraits at.  She sent me some pictures of Villa Antonia and I kept my fingers crossed that would be the venue she chose.  And she did.

Villa Antonia is a venue up on the side of a hill with beautiful panoramic views of the hill country.  The venue also offers a beautiful staircase, huge stone fireplace, a humongous water wall plus great hospitality.   Everyone was so kind and accommodating. 

Megan and her sweet mom Norma rented the venue for two hours and boy did that time go fast!  She was able to get dressed in a huge, upstairs bridal suite.  Her fitted, lace  Maggie Sottero gown was soooo gorgeous and fit her perfectly.  It had just the right amount of bling around her little waist.   S...

August 31, 2016

Shelby was at a wedding reception and noticed the tall good looking young man who walked in.   Evidently he noticed her too because as soon as the music started he came to ask her to dance.  That cute young man was Michael.  As fate would have it, the song they danced to was "The Chair" by George Strait.  That song has special significance in Shelby's family - believe this or not - it was the first song that her grandparents danced to and it was also the first song that Shelby's parents danced to, many years before.   They spent that first night dancing and talking.   That was the beginning of a sweet romance.  Being the gentlemen that he is, Michael talked to Shelby's father James and asked him for permission to date his daughter.  James had already heard good things about Michael and gav...

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