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January 12, 2018

I met Alicia last year when she was a junior.  She and her mom Olga came along when I photographed Clara Rodriguez's senior shoot.   Olga promised me they would be back to hire me when Alicia was a senior.  And they did.  I was so excited to see them all again.  They are such a warm, sweet family. 

Alicia couldn't decide where she wanted to take her senior pics, she finally said "I live downtown, come to my house and we'll figure it out".  So that's what we did .  We literally did the first of her shoot within a block of her house.   We found so many nuggets in downtown Victoria.  Alicia is so carefree and unassuming.  She can rock some heels and get down home with some flats.   I'm pretty sure I gave her hair "ojo" (that's Mexican for voodoo in case you...

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I am Sande, a photographer, social media manager, storyteller and unexpected entrepreneur.  I adore my clients and love to tell their stories.  Here you will find some social media + branding tips as well as stories about the wonderful people I've met on this journey.

I also occasionally share stories on my crazy life and family

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