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March 5, 2018

Hello my friends!

It's March!   We are on the fast track to spring and I am especially excited about the time change on March 11!  I'm sure extra light gives all photographers the smiles!

March is a full month for me.  I've got lots of great announcements!

March is Women's month!!

For me, every month is Women's Month - I  love encouraging and championing women!  But let's go an extra step this month.  I would love to hear the stories of the inspiring women in your life!  Go to my Facebook page (, upload a picture and the story of the woman who has touched your life.  Encourage your family and friends to go to my page and 'LIKE' the photo.   At the end of March, the woman with the most 'LIKES' will win a free photo shoot!!   I can't wait to rea...

March 27, 2016

Last week I spent two days photographing children (and some adults!) with 3 very sweet Easter Bunnies.  I promised everyone their photos within a week and I'm happy to say that I met that goal!  Everyone seems pleased with their photos and I'm pleased with how everything turned out.

I think I'm getting over my fear of children.  I've learned to be patient, let them do their own thing and keep my expectations low.  I've learned that you can't make a one year sit still or smile if they don't want to.  But it's good.  I still managed to capture their little personalities and enjoy them. 

I thank everyone who trusted me with their children, the rabbit breeder for trusting me with his bunnies and my granddaughters who helped me tame the bunnies and help with the session...

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