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September 15, 2019

Preslee's family always comes up with the cutest party themes for Preslee's birthday - this year was a Fiesta theme and I love the bright and vibrant colors we used for her photos.

I've been photographing Preslee since she was a baby and she always comes in very shy. She doesn't want to smile and she clings to mom Jackie a little bit. That lasts about 5 minutes and then her personality comes shining through. Preslee is as vibrant as the colors around her. She smiles big has has so much fun. And she always is happy to give me lots of tight hugs!

This year is extra special for Preslee - she has a new cousin - Xander! So of course we had to include his sweet face in her photos. Happy 3rd Birthday Preslee. My day is always brighter after you've been in it.

Thank you mom Jackie and auntie Devin...

April 23, 2019

The first time I photographed Kennedi was at her 1 year cake smash.  She was an adorable baby but didn't have a lot of interest in having her photo taken.  She wanted to explore and show off her new walking skills.    I have photographed Kennedi many times since then and now on her 4th birthday this girl has it down!!   She loves having her photos taken and knows how to work it for the camera. 

Kennedi is such a delight.  She is so well behaved, sweet and happy.  Not to mention beautiful!!  She is so much fun to photograph.

I am  thankful to her grandmother Kim who continues to bring Kennedi to me.  I am very honored to be documenting her early years and appreciate that she picked me to do it.    Kim and her family have become very, very special...

February 11, 2019

Let me warn you in advance - I'm going to share way too many photo from this session.  I had so much trouble narrowing down which ones I wanted to share - Ashlyn looked so beautiful in all of them!

Meet Ashlyn.  Her sweet grandmother wanted to document Ashlyn's 16th birthday with a photo session.     I met Ashlyn and found her to be quiet, thoughtful and sweet.  And such a natural beauty! 

The day of our photo shoot was typical So Texas weather - the sun was shining but it was windy and COLD.   Ashlyn showed up with a coat on, we talked a bit and then she took the coat off to reveal this drop dead gorgeous red dress that fit her perfectly.  As if it was made just for her.  And what a trooper - it was so cold but she never complained, never even got a goose bump...

January 11, 2019

Well you can't tell by looking at her but Shannon turned 50 years old!!  She contacted me several months before her birthday, said she wanted to do something special for her birthday.  She wanted a photo shoot that was fun, sexy and completely out of the box for her. 

I've known Shannon for years, we both attend Faith Family Church, and I was so excited for her vision.  I'm always all in when someone wants to do a photo session that takes them out of their comfort zone.  My favorite part of her vision was that she wanted to do a cake smash.  An adult cake smash - how FUN!!!

After lots of planning our day arrived.  It was one of the coldest days - temperatures were in the 40s, the air was moist and it was super windy.  But we are both troopers and were ready to face the e...

September 19, 2017

I am watching Preslee grow up before my lens.  This is the 3rd photo shoot I've done of Preslee and I am more smitten each time I'm around her.

Preslee's aunt is one of my Bilton Brides - Devin.  Devin has to be one of the greatest aunts ever!  I can tell she and her husband Brandon just adore Preslee.  Devin makes all the arrangements for the photo shoots and does everything she can to make them perfect. 

Devin told me they wanted to do a cake smash and that the theme was going to be yellow ducky's.  I thought that sounded so cute and I had so much fun decorating my set.  As I shopped for props, I was drawn to the colors of light blue and yellow.  I thought those colors would be cute for the pictures of Preslee in a tub.  I contacted Devin to check with her and it turns...

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