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January 26, 2018

Chapter Two -

I've already told you the story of how these two love birds met through mutual friends.  I've told you how they connected and became inseparable.  And they fell in love.  Crazy in love.   Joshua knew he never wanted to spend a day without AnaBelle so he planned a perfect night to ask her to be his forever. 

Joshua told AnaBelle he thought it would be fun to spend a weekend in San Antonio.  They invited all of their friends to come along.    The gang all spent the day having a blast at the San Antonio zoo.   Afterwards they all freshened up and headed to beautiful downtown SA.   When they were right in front of the  beautiful San Fernando Cathedral Joshua suddenly fell down to one knee in front of AnaBelle.  It was such an amazing moment.  Josh asked Belle (...

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I am Sande, a photographer, social media manager, storyteller and unexpected entrepreneur.  I adore my clients and love to tell their stories.  Here you will find some social media + branding tips as well as stories about the wonderful people I've met on this journey.

I also occasionally share stories on my crazy life and family

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