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February 20, 2019

Emili & Dean are one of my favorite couples.  I did a very adventurous  engagement photo session & Emili's bridals with them about 3 years ago, plus Emili and I did a very beautiful Boudoir session as a gift to Dean and then we've also done Christmas photos.

So you see, I've established a very sweet friendship with this adorable couple.  I was soooo excited for them when they announced that they were expecting a little baby!! 

Our photo session was a very pretty day, however, it had been a seriously rainy week.  Our plan was to do our shoot at Patriot's Park but when we got there, the gates were closed.  It had been too rainy and was too muddy so they were not allowing people in.  So we decided to move forward just using the property around the park.  And we created magic....

August 5, 2018

Chapter One

Ashlyn and Marcus met through a mutual friend.  Ashlyn was in a relationship with someone else so they began as just friends.  In time, Ashlyn went through a breakup and Marcus found out and swooped in to capture her heart.  They started their relationship slowly, just getting to know one another.   They spent hours on their phones to one another - either talking or texting.  Ashlyn was going through a lot and Marcus took a step to further their relationship by inviting her out.  They took a road trip to Galveston.  On the way,  Ashlyn sang along to country music with the window down and Marcus began to realize this was the girl for him.  They spent the evening on the beach and fell in love. 

Chapter Two

Marcus had been ranting an...

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