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August 5, 2018

Chapter One

Ashlyn and Marcus met through a mutual friend.  Ashlyn was in a relationship with someone else so they began as just friends.  In time, Ashlyn went through a breakup and Marcus found out and swooped in to capture her heart.  They started their relationship slowly, just getting to know one another.   They spent hours on their phones to one another - either talking or texting.  Ashlyn was going through a lot and Marcus took a step to further their relationship by inviting her out.  They took a road trip to Galveston.  On the way,  Ashlyn sang along to country music with the window down and Marcus began to realize this was the girl for him.  They spent the evening on the beach and fell in love. 

Chapter Two

Marcus had been ranting an...

November 9, 2016

I was photographing the bridal prep at the wedding of Megan & David Longoria in August.  Celina Lane with Bang Cut Beauty was doing the makeup.  I photographed the finishing touches of one of the bridesmaids and was blown away by the lipstick:

Then I did Megan Morales' bridals and she had purchased the same lipstick and again I was like "I love your lipcolor!!"

What's the lipstick?  Stila Stay All Day Matte Liquid Lipstick!  I have bought it and I love it!

Click on the picture to see the colors.  Order one!  I highly recommend! 

October 5, 2016

When I was a teenager one of my favorite places to go was Hauschild Music Store.  I dreamed of one day owning a shiny, black baby grand piano.  I would just spending hours at the store looking at pianos, organs and sheet music.   I was often joined by my best friend Debbie and we now talk about those days and laugh about how geeky we were.   I also often dragged my parents there to show them the baby grands and tell them how badly I wanted one.   They never bought me that but I did get an upright piano and a really cool organ that played different beats & sounds while I played.  

Hauschild Music store closed its doors years ago.   I always loved that old building in downtown Victoria.   So imagine my joy when I learned that we would be shooting K...

September 26, 2016

Megan searched long and hard for a beautiful venue to take her bridals portraits at.  She sent me some pictures of Villa Antonia and I kept my fingers crossed that would be the venue she chose.  And she did.

Villa Antonia is a venue up on the side of a hill with beautiful panoramic views of the hill country.  The venue also offers a beautiful staircase, huge stone fireplace, a humongous water wall plus great hospitality.   Everyone was so kind and accommodating. 

Megan and her sweet mom Norma rented the venue for two hours and boy did that time go fast!  She was able to get dressed in a huge, upstairs bridal suite.  Her fitted, lace  Maggie Sottero gown was soooo gorgeous and fit her perfectly.  It had just the right amount of bling around her little waist.   S...

September 19, 2016

Serena Paris is a teen model with huge dreams and high hopes.  It was inspiring to work with such a young girl who is so determined and driven.  Throughout this photo shoot, Serena was extremely professional and worked very hard to get the best images.  But in between she was funny and sweet and showed her youth.  She shared her dreams with me and how she is willing to work hard to fulfill them.  She speaks of New York and Paris with complete confidence that she will end up there someday.   She’s already accomplished so much – she’s been published multiple times, she loves the runway, and is happiest when she is doing creative photo shoots.

For a couple of weeks before the shoot, Serena was sending me messages with ideas and clothing choices.  Our goal was to h...

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