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September 15, 2019

This blog will be one of my favorites because Desiree is my daughter.  I am so pleased to announce that she and her husband Tony are expecting TWINS!!

Desi & Tony have been married 4 years and had never put any pressure on themselves about children.  Their attitude was "if it happens it happens, if not - we are ok with that too."  They were very content to be parents to their two furbabies - Scotty & Harley. 

Desi wasn't feeling good and just had a feeling.  She took a pregnancy test and was so surprised that it came back positive.  She made a doctor's appointment and a few days later she and Tony were happy when it was confirmed that she was indeed pregnant.  A subsequent sonogram sent them reeling - it was TWINS! 

We are feeling so very blessed right now.  Our...

July 22, 2019

I ran into Megan and David about a month ago at a restaurant and they confided in me they were trying to get pregnant. Just a few weeks later, Megan is texting me saying she is pregnant! I am so happy for this sweet little family!!

Megan wanted a photo session to announce their happy news and I was so excited to do it. They are all so good looking and adorable in their matching black and white outfits. Little Corbin and their furbaby Hershey were sporting "Big Brother" outfits. Corbin is very sure that he is getting a baby brother! Can't wait to find out if he is right!

I want to thank Megan & David for including me in their happy news and choosing me to document this precious time in their lives. You guys have a very special place in my heart!!

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