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July 8, 2020

The first thing I noticed when I met Annisty was her flawless skin.  She is like a porcelain doll!   So very pretty.  

Annisty is as sweet as she is pretty.  We had such a good time together.  She had great ideas and the cutest outfits!  But who's looking at that?  I'm sure everyone who sees these pictures will be drawn to her beautiful face.  But note - she is as beautiful inside as she is outside.  Such a sweetheart!  The photo session was held on a hot and muggy afternoon.  We were all sweating due to very high humidity.  But that didn't affect Annisty - she continued to be upbeat, energetic and so much fun!! 

Annisty is planning to attend University of Houston Victoria in the fall to study physical therapy.  With her attitude and p...

July 7, 2020

You just have to take one look at this family and you will see love and happiness.  This is the sweetest family ever - Brandon, Devin & Xander!!

Devin booked a photo session for Xander's 1st Birthday cake smash, and wanted some family photos as well.  The most important part of this story is the clothes that little Xander is wearing.  Each outfit that Xander is wearing was sewed by his his great grandmother in the 50's.  Brandon's grandmother sewed the outfits for Brandon's dad to wear.   And they are still in PERFECT CONDITION.  And Xander can rock an outfit from the 50's can't he???

With sweet parents like Brandon & Devin, it is only natural that Xander be sweet as well.  He is such a happy baby - never stops smiling!!  I could have kept that little boy!!...

June 23, 2020

This is the 3rd time I've had this gorgeous young lady in front of my camera - meet Makalen - a recent graduate of Yoakum High School!!!

Makalen is a such a pleasure to photograph.  This Yoakum H.S. cheerleader is tall, gorgeous and such a sweetheart.  I really loving hanging out with her.  I've learned that the one thing that means the very most to her is her family.  She loves hanging out with her parents and little sisters.  In fact, her adorable little sister came with Makalen to her senior session.    I can see they are so close (little sister is pretty cute in front of the camera too!!)

Thank you Makalen for choosing me to document the last of your senior year.  I wish you luck as you pursue your dream to become a dental assistant.  I'm sure with your...

June 18, 2020

When you look at your photos, the first thing you are going to think is "she's so pretty!".  Because Arlette is so pretty!! 

Arlette is a graduate of  Victoria West High School.  She has a quiet spirit and is so sweet and fun.   She selected amazing outfits for her session and was ready to pose however I wanted her to.  I loved my time with her, I got to know her a little better and I am so impressed with her intelligence and maturity!!

I learned that Arlette plays the drums and volunteers in the children's ministry in her church.  Isn't that cool?  Arlette is an animal lover who wants to be a veterinarian.   She has already participated in vet competitions!!  Her plans are to get her basics here in Victoria and then venture out.  I think that's so sm...

June 10, 2020

Allow me to introduce you to this sweetheart - Isabella.  I love her name so much!!  Isabella is quiet, fun, kind and sweet all at the same time. 

We had so much fun at her photo session!  A couple of years ago, I photographed her handsome brother Michael at the Victoria Educational Gardens and Isabella wanted to do her session at the same place.  That is fine with me, I love it out there.   There is always something beautiful blooming and the koi pond is just gorgeous.  As we walked around,  I got to get to know her a little better.

Isabella is self-confessed nerdy, art person.   She plans to major in art, she will be taking her basics at Victoria College because she received a scholarship there for one of her pieces during Hispanic heritage month (she is...

June 9, 2020

I'd like to introduce you to this super fun and sweet young man - Dedrick!!!   Dedrick is a recent graduate of Victoria East High School and he is such a cool young man!!

Dedrick is a football player for the Titans, he held the positions of Guard and Center.  So he wanted to start his session at the practice field of his beloved school.  I immediately could see there was a special bond between Dedrick and his dad - Dedrick, Sr.   Dedrick, Sr. is obviously very proud of Jr., as he called him.  It was important that they document Dedrick, Jr.'s love of sports.

After we finished at the school, Dedrick got dressed up, looking all spiffy, and we continued with our session.  Dedrick is such a respectful young man and I really enjoyed my time with him.  I learned that besid...

June 5, 2020

I have to tell you that the 2020 Seniors have inspired me.  This has been so hard on them, experiences that we once took for granted have been taken from them.   They went on Spring Break not knowing that they would not be back.  But I have yet to meet one senior who has complained, or acted bitter, angry or sad.  In fact, it's been the opposite!  

Gabby is a wonderful example of what a 2020 Senior looks like.  At our consultation, Gabby was happy and excited.  She showed me her outfit choices.  She gave me her vision for the session.  She is bubbly and has a smile that will light up a room.  I knew I was going to have fun with her!!

And we did!  Gabby is a graduate of St. Joseph H.S. and we started our session at their lovely campus.  Gabby...

June 3, 2020

I'd be hard pressed to think of a session where I had as much fun as I did with Andrew.  This Victoria East High School Senior is full of energy, laughs and has low self esteem.  Wait!!  LOL!  Just kidding!!!   There is nothing wrong with Andrew's self esteem!  He looks good and he knows it!!  We kept calling him GQ during his session because he is just so natural in front of a camera and what's more, he enjoys it!!  My kind of guy!!!

His life is full of fun as well.  He loves fishing and hanging with his friends and his sweet girlfriend.  He doesn't have a favorite food - he loves it all!!!!  But he has a serious side as well, he held the position of full back in football and he was in the AVID program (a college prep program).    He's just a great-all-around-kinda...

June 3, 2020

Victoria is producing a whole lot of super models!  We must have the prettiest girls anywhere!!  Kathryn is no exception, she is 5'10 and absolutely gorgeous.   And her photo session was her runway and she totally rocked it!

Our session was rescheduled twice due to the Covid situation.  I know that was hard for Kathryn, it was for me too.  But when we finally got to do the session, we really had a good time together.  Kathryn was elegant and classy.  I was so blown away by her maturity and sweet nature. 

Kathryn is a recent graduate of Victoria West High School.   She has been a busy girl - she was involved in theater, basketball, she loves to paint, sing and dance.  Ask her what her favorite music is and she will respond with a sparkle in her eyes "K-Pop".  I'...

May 13, 2020

I would like to introduce you to a lovely young lady - Esperansa!!  Esperansa is graduating this month from Bloomington High School and is such a sweetheart!

The day of her session was sunny and beautiful, although a little windy.  We started at Riverside Park and Esperansa seemed to float through her poses as if she was light as a feather.  She is so graceful and effortless!   She adds to that an easy laugh and lighthearted personality.  Her fun side shows as she can just start dancing out of no where and loves to make people laugh. 

I got to know Esperansa a little more while we walked around during her session.  She told me her favorite thing to do is bake and loves sharing what she bakes with her friends (Hello!  I love cupcakes!! LOL!).    While in school, Espe...

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