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I'd be hard pressed to think of a session where I had as much fun as I did with Andrew. This Victoria East High School Senior is full of energy, laughs and has low self esteem. Wait!! LOL! Just kidding!!! There is nothing wrong with Andrew's self esteem! He looks good and he knows it!! We kept calling him GQ during his session because he is just so natural in front of a camera and what's more, he enjoys it!! My kind of guy!!!

His life is full of fun as well. He loves fishing and hanging with his friends and his sweet girlfriend. He doesn't have a favorite food - he loves it all!!!! But he has a serious side as well, he held the position of full back in football and he was in the AVID program (a college prep program). He's just a great-all-around-kinda-guy.

Andrew's future plans are to join the military. Mom's eyes are part worry/part lots of pride when he says that. You can tell mom and son have a very tight relationship. I think he gets his fun side from her!!! I got lots of fun family stories from these two during our session.

Thank you Andrew for being such a sweet, respectful, fun young man during our session. I had a blast with you and wish the best for you. And thanks to mom Anna for choosing me. I loved my time with all of you.

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