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Three years ago I was photographing Makenzi's older sister Makayla. I can't believe it's been 3 years. Makayla was fun and spunky and so is Makenzi!! We had such a fun time together.

Makenzi is a graduate of Victoria East High School. She is a bit on the shy side but I can tell she is a happy girl. She had a quick and easy smile and during our session she would be quietly singing as we walked around. She looked pretty and I could tell she felt pretty. She was so comfortable in front of the camera and was easy breezy to work with. Probably our most memorable moment was trying to take photos of her with her large gold balloons in crazy South Texas spring winds! She had to hold on to those tight. The effort was worth it though - those are my favorite shots!

Makenzi told me her favorite thing to do is just hang out with her friends. She plans on pursuing a Criminal Justice degree, she is going to take her basics here in Victoria and then see where the road takes her.

Thank you to mom Brenda for trusting me again with your beautiful daughters. They are as sweet as their momma!! I appreciate your loyalty.

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