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If I would describe Mary in one word it would be - HAPPY. Mary looks pretty serious in lots of these shots but in between she was practically skipping. She is a self-describer "jokster" and I had to snap fast before she would just crack up laughing. But as you can see, she totally rocked this photo session!!

Mary is graduating from St. Joe H.S, she is in the choir and when she isn't singing this girl is fishing and hunting. She gets a bit excited when she talks about Star Wars and also told me she loves photography! So you know we had lots to talk about!

After graduation, Mary is going to get her basics at Victoria College and then plans to transfer to either Texas State or University of Houston. She plans to get a Business degree.

Mary is so beautiful and filled with joy and she was a pleasure to hang around with. I am very glad I got to know her better. I can't wait to see what she accomplishes!

Thank you to Mary and El for choosing me!!

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