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The key to succeeding on Social Media is consistency. You have to commit to show up regularly on all your platforms and create content that will encourage engagements from your audience. That can be challenging! Do you ever wake up, turn on your computer and stare at it? “I have no idea what I’m going to post today!” Or “how am I going to find time to post today?” It is helpful if you have a catalog of images to choose from when you are at a loss of what to post.

With a Personal Branding session, you not only receive personal photos of yourself – you receive stock images that showcase your products, your storefront or anything else that pertains to your business. You can bring items to your session or if we are your place of business, I will look around and photograph items that you can use to fill in your social feed. You will end up with bright, professional styled photos that are consistent to your brand and expand on the benefits of your product.

Whew! I’m not gonna lie – this one was the hardest to write! I could explain this so much better in person. I use stock images often and find them so helpful on days when I don’t have a lot to post.

I hope these posts have helped you see the benefit of having professional images to post on your pages & website. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Oh and before I forget! Remember, your personal branding session is a business expense on your taxes!!!

Thank you everyone! I am grateful for you.

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