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Family Session | The Duques

Do you recognize the Duque's? It's Kelby, Kristian & little Bentley! I was so honored to photograph their engagement & wedding a couple of years ago. So you can imagine how happy I was that they scheduled a family session with me!

As with all my sessions, at least one of my clients goes home with a new name. I am under a family curse that never can get people's name right. In this session it was Kelby who got a new name - he became Kirby. Lucky for me, Kelby is a very nice guy and was very forgiving every time I called him Kirby. Kristian was absolutely GORGEOUS the day of our session in her velvet romper - her makeup by Kaelly Allen was perfection. And of course she gave me real hair envy!

Bentley is a delightful child with pink cheeks. I am reminded of the song "I Hope You Dance" when I'm with him. The lyric that speaks of "sense of wonder" reminds me of Bentley. Our photo session was at Mission Espiritu Santo and as we walked down their nature trail, Bentley was so excited about every bird or noise we encountered. It is so cool to see things through the eyes of a child.

After our photo shoot, Kelby & Kristian invited me to their home for dinner. I was so touched to be invited. Kelby cooked up an amazing dinner of fish, shrimp & lobster! I was in seafood heaven! I really enjoyed the opportunity to sit and visit with them. Their house is warm and lovely.

Thank you Kristian & Kelby for making me feel like a member of your family. You are so sweet, may God bless your little family.

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