Take your Dog to Work Day

Today is National Take Your Dog to Work Day!! I work at home so everyday is take your dog to work day around here. But I thought I would share my puppy story with you.

Timmy and I have been dogless for several years. Our last dog, Max, passed away a long time ago. His death left us not wanting to open our hearts to another dog. But a couple of years ago, my daughter Desiree got a new puppy named Scotty. Scotty was soooo adorable, I got puppy fever. Bad. I wanted a Scotty of my own. Timmy was dead set - no. No dogs. I pouted. I asked sweetly. I would text him pictures of cute puppies for sale. He wouldn't budge.

But after a couple of years of my whining, I could tell he was slowly beginning to give in. Then I got a text from my son. He said a little puppy showed up at his house. He had been all around his neighborhood and couldn't find the owners. Would I be interested in this puppy? So I told Timmy "We can just foster him until the owner is found." So Timmy said "ok, tell them to bring him over." They brought me the cutest little puppy - I fell in love on sight. Foster nothing. I wanted this puppy as my own. I named him CoCo. Here is a picture of CoCo:

Look at that sweet face!!!! So in true Sande Style, the next morning I went shopping. I took CoCo to Pets Mart and to Local Pet. He got all the best food and chews. I ordered all kinds of stuff from Amazon. I bought a new crate and pillow. I was in love with CoCo. I was potty and crate training him. I was prepared to spoil him rotten. Three days later I got the dreaded call. My son found out who his owner was. He saw the post on Facebook. My heart was broken. I had to give up my CoCo. Timmy tried to comfort me and assured me that I would find another dog.