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Bridal Session | Brittany

Brittany & Adriano met at church. They became fast friends and enjoyed each other's company. It was a full year before Adriano asked Brittany out on a date. They started a romance and became inseparable.

One day Adriano suggested they go to San Antonio for the weekend. He wanted a weekend with all of their families together. Brittany agreed and was excited for a weekend with Adriano and their families. Little did she know that the mom's were in on a secret. Adriano told Brittany that he wanted everyone to meet at the Tower of Americas for dinner. When he and Brittany arrived, there was a heart made out of candles. Brittany was thinking "how sweet!" She didn't know it was for her until Adriano led her to the heart and got down on one knee. She was shocked but very quickly said 'YES!!!' Their parents were there with cameras ready to capture the joy of the moment. Brittany looked at Adriano and said "did you ask my dad's permission?" That was very important to Brittany - she adores her daddy and would want his blessing. Adriano assured her that he had spoken to her father and asked his permission to marry her. For Brittany the moment was now perfect. And she LOVED her engagement ring - which Adriano selected completely on his own!

Our Bridal Session was amazing in spite of the high crazy winds. Brittany is so gorgeous and was a true princess bride in her gown by Casablanca Bridals from Jade & Madlyn Bridal Boutique. And please notice her jewelry by Sande's Boutique!!! Perfection!!! I'm pretty sure I wore Brittany out because I just didn't want to stop shooting!

Brittany and Adriano married one another surrounded by their family and friends. They celebrated that night at Tin Spur Ranch and had the time of their lives. They announced soon after that they are expecting a baby! What a wonderful love story right?

Thank you to Brittany and her mother Sabrina for choosing me to capture her bridals. Because I am not photographing weddings any more, I don't get the opportunity to photograph brides as often, which I love doing so much. During our session, I had to hug Brittany several times because I was just so grateful. Thank you for being a Bilton Bride. Wishing these families a lifetime of joy, happiness and LOVE.

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