I was speaking with a photographer friend this weekend and told her how blessed I have been this senior season. I told her I have had the best seniors in the Crossroads area. My seniors have all been intelligent, good looking, fashionistas and most of all - sweet souls. Every single one of them.

Katelin was no exception! When I met her at her pre-consult, I could tell she was going to be a pleasure to photograph. AGAIN - I had hair envy with Katelin's long beautiful hair! As we got to know each other, she told me she had some great ideas and had already arranged for us to photograph her session at the beautiful Spirit Inn of Mission Valley.

I had never been to Spirit Inn so I was excited. I had no idea how beautiful this property is. As we drove down the road towards the Inn, I was looking around and seeing a million places that would be great for photographs. Beautiful landscape every where I looked - huge trees and wildflower fields. Then I saw the actual Spirit Inn. It looks like a big, beautiful country home with stairs leading to a large porch and the Guadalupe River as a back yard. Add a gorgeous young lady to the scene and Sande is sooooo happy!

Katelin is so graceful and elegant. She and I and walked around this wonderful property and took some amazing photos. My time with her was so pleasant - I'm pretty sure I wore her out - I didn't want to stop!! She is such a sweet girl. We ended our shoot on a wooden & iron bridge where we both felt a bit adventurous. That was the most memorable part of our shoot, I'm pretty sure Katelin went home with some sprinters that night!! LOL!

I learned that Katelin is an athlete - she played volleyball and ran track for Victoria West H.S. After graduation she is going to pursue an education in the medical field - she will attend Victoria College for a year then transfer to Texas State University.