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Faith Academy Senior - Alicia

I met Alicia last year when she was a junior. She and her mom Olga came along when I photographed Clara Rodriguez's senior shoot. Olga promised me they would be back to hire me when Alicia was a senior. And they did. I was so excited to see them all again. They are such a warm, sweet family.

Alicia couldn't decide where she wanted to take her senior pics, she finally said "I live downtown, come to my house and we'll figure it out". So that's what we did . We literally did the first of her shoot within a block of her house. We found so many nuggets in downtown Victoria. Alicia is so carefree and unassuming. She can rock some heels and get down home with some flats. I'm pretty sure I gave her hair "ojo" (that's Mexican for voodoo in case you didn't know). It's so long and shiny. I think every instruction I gave her was something like "play with your hair again!" She just laughed at me. We had blast together for sure.

Alicia is a senior at Faith Academy and is involved in all things sports. She is highly competitive and brilliant. I asked her what she's going to major in and I'm not gonna lie - I probably can't even spell what she wants to do with her life. It was at least a 4 syllable word!! Sorry Alicia! That's way past my intelligence level. Whatever it is, I know she is going to change the world!!

Thank you to Alicia for hanging out with me and choosing me to document this amazing time in your life. Thank to you mom Olga for keeping her promise to come back to me when it was time for Alicia to graduate. And thank you to Clara for starting it all. There is a special place in my heart for all of you.

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