Wedding Chat with Sande - Retiring my Wedding Shoes

January 3, 2018

Below is a photo of my Tom's that I wore to every wedding I photographed the last couple of years.  I loved these shoes when I bought them - they were so sparkly & comfortable - perfect shoes for a wedding photographer.   They look pretty worn out now don't they?  I kept telling myself I needed a new pair but never took the time to go buy some.


On December 2, I photographed my last wedding.    I savored every moment of that wedding, loving every minute of it.   I wish I didn't have to give them up.  I love weddings and I love brides.  But, weddings caused me to have no balance in my life - all work and no play!!  And I was always exhausted. 


Every single wedding brought me a family that I hold dear in my heart.  95% of them have become my good friends.  I feel like an honorary mom to my brides, I fall in love with them as if they are my own daughters.   I am sad because I will miss all of this so much. 


Here's to 2018 - I have been discussing new ventures with others and will see what God brings me.  I am excited that I still get to be honorary mother (or grandmother)  to many graduates and families!  


Love you and Happy 2018!  Bye Bye worn out Tom's!!




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