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Boudoir Photo Shoot | Kary

Kary came to me, like most of my Boudoir Clients, very nervous. I could see it in her eyes, she was questioning her decision to even be at my pre-consultation. She explained that her husband has passed away a couple of years ago and just wanted to do something to boost her confidence. She was doing this for herself. I always love when someone is doing this just for herself. I'm always proud of a woman who does it for herself. What a wonderful memory to create!!

Kary told me she wanted something a little edgier, kind of a motorcycle leather type of set. I have been waiting for this for a long time. I have had a vision of a darker set and I have been collecting black candelabras for a while now with this exact vision in mind. Black candelabras and dark red roses. Oh my heart was so happy!! We were on the same page from the beginning. I couldn't wait.

The day of her shoot Kary came in looking DROP-DEAD-GORGEOUS. She had just left her glam session with Bang Cut Beauty by Celina Lane and her blue eyes were popping! She came in looking beautiful, but extremely nervous. She told me "I almost called you this morning to cancel." I told her "well I'm glad you didn't. Come on in, I'll pour you a glass of champagne." That's all it took to make her feel better! We had a blast and took some amazing photos. OMGeeeeee - those eyes!!!

To me, this what doing a Boudoir is all about. I always tell my clients - I'm not a Playboy photographer. I'm all about doing classy and elegant photos that will make you feel beautiful. I want women to see how beautiful they are, lift their confidence level. And I accomplished that with Kary. She had fun, she looked stunning and we had a great time. And I accomplished something better - I made a new friend.

Thank you for trusting me Kary.

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