Houston Arboretum & Nature Center | The Enchanting Wedding of Cody & Grace

Cody decided to give E-Harmony a try. 4 days after signing up he was matched to a young lady named Grace. He messaged her and a week later they went out for their first date. It became obvious pretty quickly that E-Harmony knows their stuff. Cody came home and told his friend "This girl really gets me! She gets my personality, gets my humor!" Grace went home and couldn't stop smiling. This was definitely a match! Cody and Grace continued to date although it was a long distance romance. But the distance didn't stop this love from blooming.

They had been dating 9 months when Cody told Grace he wanted to take her to Dallas for their 9 month anniversary. He said he knew she would love to visit with her good friends Mary & Aubrey. Once they were all settled in, Grace went on a girl's shopping date with Mary & Aubrey. They went to their favorite store - Anthropologie and Mary & Aubrey let the store stylist into a little secret - Grace needed a special outfit because she was going to be proposed to! So the stylist started picking out perfect things for Grace to try on. At the end of the day, Mary & Aubrey dropped off Grace at a very special location. Grace had no idea she was about to go on a Gondola ride! No friends - this story didn't fast forward to Venice - this happened in Irving, Texas! (want more info? http://www.irving.gondola.com/).

Cody had hired a photographer for the event but the photographer canceled at the last minute (should have called me!! LOL!). So like little ninja's Mary & Aubrey followed the gondola the entire time - photographing the entire event with Cody's camera. Grace never even saw them.

During the ride the gondolier Woody told Grace - "look - there is a bottle in the water - pick it up!" Like any girl she said "no - I don't want to dig trash out of the water!" Woody insisted and finally Grace cooperated and retrieved the bottle from the water. In the bottle was a letter Cody had written to