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Victoria East High School Senior | Evan!

On my side, I have a pretty small immediate family. I have one sister, one brother, one nephew and one niece. I have my mama and of course my two kids, their spouses and my two adorable grandchildren. And my Timmy. That's it. We all fit in one dining room at Thanksgiving. But I have a very large extended family. Lots of cousins, etc on my mom's side of the family. Evan is from my mom's side of the family. He is my cousin Albert's grandson. Does that make him my 3rd cousin? My cousin twice removed? Oh who knows!! Evan comes from one of the sweetest families on my mother's side. His grandparents, parents and aunts are so sweet, always smiling and very strong Christians.

So I was happy to photograph Evan's senior photos. What a wonderful time in their lives! Evan is quiet and sweet - and like his family - smiles easily. He was such a joy to be around. He is soft spoken, friendly and humored me at every turn. No matter what I asked him to do, he did it. We talked about his dreams and he said he has already received his welder's certification and plans to pursue his career as a welder. That's pretty cool isn't it - he is ready for a career immediately out of high school!! I know his parents are proud.

The fun side of Evan is his skateboard. He loves skateboarding. Evan had but one request for his senior photos - that we incorporate his skateboard into the pictures. That is when things got fun. Evan was skateboarding downtown in his cap and gown!! We then went to a parking garage rooftop where Evan could really show off his stuff! He was awesome!!

I wish to thank Evan and his parents for allowing me into this fun, proud time in your lives. I am so proud of you and I love you all so much!!

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