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Bloomington H.S. Valedictorian | Shawntelle

Ok, get ready. By the end of this story, you will be exhausted, just hearing what this beautiful young lady is involved in every day.

Meet Shawntelle, a senior at Bloomington High School. She and her mom came to visit me and she was so excited about her shoot that her eyes were twinkling. She told me she wanted to incorporate some of her extracurricular activities in her shoot. Sure! No problem - what are they? Softball, basketball, volleyball, band, track. Wow. Yes, we can do that. They her face softened and she said she wanted to somehow incorporate her father, who had passed away in January. She wasn't sure how, but this was very important to her and to her mom.

Shawntelle showed up at her shoot looking gorgeous. She had her make up done at MAC and her hair was long, shiny and soft. She was so excited, her mom and her grandparents came along and you could see their faces shine with pride over their little super achiever. I learned that not only does she play all sports, she plays the flute in the band, she is a drum major and is president of National Honor Society. Whew! She treated this photo shoot like she does everything else in her life - with energy and fun. She brought her father's flag and military dog tags to honor and include him. She told me later she felt that he was there.

Just as I was publishing this blog, I received a message from Shawntelle that she accomplished one more thing - she is 2017 Bloomington High School VALEDICTORIAN!! Way to go Shawntelle! I am so proud of you.

Shawntelle plans to attend Victoria College in the fall and then transfer to Texas State. She plans to become a Physical Therapist.

Get ready world - HERE COMES SHAWNTELLE!!

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