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Engagement Session | Jamey & Joseph

Jamey and Joseph were at a mutual friend's house. They were there to watch a Mayweather boxing match. They were introduced and maybe felt a little spark there. By chance they ran into each other a week later a week later. They became dating and have found themselves inseparable since then!

4 years later, Joseph visited Jamey's parents and asked for her their daughter's hand in marriage. He had this entire encounter videotaped. Her parents happily gave Joseph their blessing. On Mother's Day 2016, Joseph played the videotape for Jamey as well as a slide show of their journey together. Immediately Jamey was in tears, she knew what was coming. Joseph got down on one knee and asked Jamey to spend the rest of their lives with him. Her answer was YES!!!!

My e-session with Jamey & Joseph was eventful and fun. I got to meet her parents who are as sweet as can be. Jamey & Joseph also brought their two children with them and it was funny to watch what a Daddy's girl their little girl is. We could barely separate them! We have lots of outtakes of photos with their little girl glued to Joseph's leg! M Of course, I watched Jamey quietly kissing her own daddy on the cheek so I know where their little girl gets it from!!! LOL!! We had the softest light and a brilliant sunset. I believe it was God shining down on them.

Joseph & Jamey are getting married this summer on a cruise ship surrounded by their family and friends. I am so happy I got to meet this family - they are all so sweet and I wish Joseph & Jamey a long and wonderful life together!!!

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