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Wedding Chat with Sande | Food Trucks at a Wedding

I recently saw one of my brides asking what everyone thought of food trucks at a wedding. It's become a pretty big trend. I've never been to a wedding with food trucks so I can't speak from experience here. I have attended some of the food truck festivities here and found it fun to first check out all the different menu's before making a decision on what I wanted. Every time I've ordered from a food truck I have found the food to be really good but in my opinion it took too long to get my food and I found it all a bit pricy. But the experience is always fun - I enjoy sitting on one of the picnic tables and enjoying a unique menu item. One of my fondest memories is Timmy & I sharing a crepe from the "I Love Crepes" truck at the downtown farmers market event. It was delicious and a little romantic (insert heart here).

My memories of food trucks goes way back. I used to go to a lot of dances and at the end of the night, I would get so excited to see the taco food truck outside of the dance hall. I was always starving after all that dancing and those tacos were always sooo good!

If you are thinking of having food trucks at your wedding, here are a few things to consider:


We all know South Texas is pretty much hot year round. Consider that your guests will have to be outdoors to get their meal. Late fall or early spring may be the best times. If you really want to do this in the summer, consider dessert trucks with snow cones or ice cream.


As I said, food trucks take a little longer to deliver a meal. You don't want your guests waiting too long to get their meal. Plan on at least one truck for every 75 guests.


If you plan to serve this as your main meal - have several options - like tacos, bar-b-que, seafood etc. I saw a fun idea for a ice cream truck - having a signature ice cream treat for your wedding. Like the signature drink at the bar but with ice cream! I love that idea!


Your guests won't mind standing in line at the drink truck! Find a beer or wine company that offers one of these!


You can have seating two ways - one is formal sitting tables, or for a more casual vibe - tall bar tables where everyone can just mingle as they eat.


My favorite option of all! I told ya'll how much I loved seeing the food truck outside of the dance halls - you can do the same for your guests! What a fun surprise for the guests - perfect for those late night munchies! After all that dancing and mingling, guests will be so happy to feast on waffles, doughnuts, hot dogs, cookies and soft pretzels or TACOS - will all the hot sauce you can give me. :)

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