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The Patterson Family | Family Photo Shoot

I first met Jordan & Kevin when they were pregnant with little Jude. I have photographed their journey through their first year of parenthood and love watching the dynamics of how they interact as a family. It is so obvious that they adore Jude. Jordan has told me that watching Kevin be such a sweet father to Jude makes her fall more in love with him every day.

I can't believe Jude is going to be a year old! Jordan is such a happy little boy, he smiles non-stop. Not just little smiles - huge toothy smiles. You can't help but smile with him!

The day of this shoot was cloudy but nice. We selected this location because Jordan wanted some pictures of Jude playing with this little dump trucks in the sand. Well - Jude wasn't interested in the trucks at all, he just wanted to eat the sand!! He just couldn't understand why his momma wouldn't let him do that !!! But we still had success - Jordan shared her Christmas card with me and it was beautiful!

Being a photographer is a wonderful profession. Because I get to do this, I get to see that America still has good, decent, hard working people like Jordan & Kevin. I get to witness a sweet loving family who speak to one another with kindness and respect and who share a deep love for a little boy named Jude. Jordan & Kevin are also very kind to me and I am so grateful to be documenting this chapter in their lives!!

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