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Family Photo Session | The Espindola Family

Well let me tell you from the get go, this family is super special to me because the handsome young man in this shoot is my son!

Let me tell you a bit about my son and his beautiful family.

Jonathan is my Papi Chulo. He is a man with a heart of goal. Have you heard Jack Ingram's song "Measure of a Man"? It always reminds me of Jon. Jack says a real man will work two jobs to give his family everything they need. That's my Jonathan. He works with Timmy and then works on his own evenings and weekends. His family never wants for anything. He loves these three girls with all of his heart. He is also very playful and fun. Oh - and he is a good son too. Timmy and I are so blessed and so proud.

Jessica is my daughter-in-love and fits in seamlessly with our family. I think she was born to be one of us. She has an easy laugh, is hard working and I am so proud that she is graduating from University of Houston Victoria this spring with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology. She works, takes care of her family, exercises and goes to school all at the same time. She is a wonderful mother to her two little girls and loves Jonathan with all of her heart. And she's pretty good looking too!! I couldn't ask for a better daughter-in-love.

Ok - now it's gonna get gushy. I am going to talk about my granddaughters.

Alana is such a sweet soul. She is so smart that when we talk, I forget I'm talking to a child. She has a heart for God like no other child I've ever known. She has deep spiritual experiences and follows the prompting of the Holy Spirit. She will pray for others and has such a tender heart. And she is funny, playful, loves to sing and loves to be helpful. She also has a grateful heart, she is so appreciative of anything your give or do for her. She is going to be fashionista - she loves shopping and dressing up!

Brianna is my firecracker. She is so much fun. If I could write books, I would write children's books based on Brianna's adventures. She is 7 but still loves to cuddle like a little baby. She has a laugh that you can't help but laugh with, in fact most of the time she cracks me up! She also can pray and her has no trouble memorizing scripture verses. I think Brianna's theme song is "Girls just wanna have fun". She is am insomniac just the rest of my family. I love giving her tight hugs and smelling her hair. When she was a toddler, she did not like taking pictures - in fact she would tell me 'NO!'. But now she loves the camera and gets real dramatic in front of the camera. Which you know I love!

Well I could go on and on and on about this precious family but I'll stop. As you can tell, I am very proud of this little family and love them with all my heart. And they sure are photogenic!

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