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A Touching Day | Chris & Cassie's Wedding Day

When I look back at this day, I am going to remember what a touching day it was. The day started at the Officer's Club. Cassie and her closest friends and family gathered there to get ready for the day. I can look at my pictures from this time and see true joy and pride in everyone's faces. Cassie was so happy and looking gorgeous. Her joy became so evident when everyone started helping her get dressed. She was smiling and happy but could not fight the tears as her mother and bridesmaids helped her into her gorgeous Allure bridal gown and Cathedral length veil. She looked stunning.

The ceremony was held at Historic Texana Church in Breckenridge. Just as everyone was gathering the rain started coming down - hard. The limo with Cassie and her girls arrived but it was raining so hard no one could get out of the limo!! But this family all pulled together, grabbed umbrellas and made their way to the limo, and one by one they got all the girls into the church. The moment came to start. Chris looked so handsome as he stood at the front of the church waiting for his bride. He looked so happy and so ready to marry Cassie. The church doors opened and Chris saw Cassie standing with her father looking so beautiful. He was immediately filled with emotion. Cassie and her dad started walking down the aisle and Cassie never took her eyes off Chris. She too was filled with emotion as she made her way to her love. Was there a dry eye in the room? I doubt it!! The ceremony was sweet and beautiful and filled with love, not just between the bride and groom but you could feel it throughout the church.

I knew the reception was going to be fun. I had already got to know Cassie's mom Anna, having met her at the engagement & bridal shoots. She is such a fun and sweet lady! And I knew many of the groom's family. I went to school with one of his aunts and had a working relationship with another aunt and his grandmother. And I knew what firecrackers they were!! The star of the reception was the cakes made by Love Bird Cakes. The wedding cake was a beautiful, 4 tiered ivory cake. The grooms cake was a truck tire in mud. The tire sprayed mud all over the beautiful wedding cake. Oh - I just have to show you a picture -

Isn't that awesome? And if you are from Victoria, you have heard of the famous Frankarita. It is a margarita created by Frank Martinez and it is the best margarita you will ever get. Well this wedding was serving Frankaritas!!!! I never ever drink when I'm photographing weddings but sure did get me one when I was finished for the evening. And it was good!!!

I left this wedding with my Frankarita feeling so happy. I had got to see many old friends and felt like I had made new friends. Chris & Cassie gave me big, tight hugs before I left. Chris and Cassie are such genuine, good hearted people and I am so blessed that I got to be a part of telling their love story. Thank you Chris & Cassie for choosing me. I wish you a life of love, happiness and family.

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