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Sarah & Garrett | A Royal Love Story

It was a new school year. Garrett went into his new Chemistry class and immediately noticed the pretty brunette in his class. - Sarah. But he didn't ask her out right away. In fact, he didn't ask her out until the end of the school year! Their first date consisted of a trip to the park with a picnic of sandwiches and pretzels. Garrett had waited long enough - he wasted no time that afternoon - he asked Sarah to be his girlfriend. And Sarah said yes!

Two years later they are both seniors and they are ruling the school as the cutest couple ever. In the fall of their senior year, they were elected Homecoming King and Queen and then in the Spring they were elected Prom King & Queen.

Fast forward another three years. Garrett and Sarah are in college, almost finished and along comes a little blessing - beautiful little Scarlett. She is the prettiest little girl with blue eyes and a big toothless smile. And best of all - Garrett and Sarah has said yes again - they are engaged to be married in Summer of 2017!

Garrett & Sarah are laid back and so kind. They interact with each other quietly and sweetly. And they sure are good looking! I can't wait for their wedding. I know it will be as beautiful and elegant as they are. I am so thankful they chose me.

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