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SALTWATER PAVILION | David & Megan's Beach Wedding

David & Megan's love story began in high school. They are high school sweethearts who have known from the start they were forever. Since graduation, David & Megan added another chapter to their story when their son Corbin came into their lives. He fits right in with this family with his big smile and those twinkling, mischievous eyes!!!

David & Megan planned their wedding in the quaint little town of Rockport, TX. I love that little town. I had never been to the Saltwater Pavilion but was excited about photographing a beach wedding.

David & Megan and their entire wedding party and family took over the hotel directly across from the Pavilion. I could tell when I got off the elevator that I was on the right floor - I could smell hair spray & perfume. David & Megan were on different floors so I could easily go from one to another. Both were having a blast with their wedding party. The girls were all getting their glam on by the makeup rockstar Celina Lane and their hair done by Ellie Chapa. Everyone looked so beautiful!! The guys were all taking shots while they listened to hip-hop music (I think that's what it was - or was it rap? David! Forgive me if I get this wrong!) and they were smelling & looking good!!

I never think Texas beaches are especially pretty but I was surprised by a blue/green color and the sandy beach. There was a slight breeze which helped us from being too warm. This is a public beach and as I waited for the wedding to start I started to stress out over the people who were wading around in the water directly behind the wedding. It is a small area almost at the end of the beach, so I couldn't imagine why people wouldn't just stay in their areas. I wanted to yell to them "do you just want to be in the pictures or what?" But I guess they figured it out (maybe my glares?) and moved back to their areas before the ceremony began. Although I did have some people walking past while we were doing family portraits it was pretty much people free.

The wedding was sweet - the officiant was my favorite pastor in the world - Pastor Mark Longoria. He is the outreach pastor from Faith Family Church. The rest of the evening was filled with great food by Mike Pozzi, a delicious cake by CindiCakes, and decor by Elegant Creations by Maggie. DJ Abel Gonzales made the night super fun - he plays such great music!

I am so grateful I didn't have to drive back to Victoria that evening. Timmy has a nephew who has a beautiful house in Rockport and thanks to him I was able to just grab a slice of wedding cake and drive a couple of miles to the house. Timmy was waiting for me with wine and crab cakes! Ahhhhhh.

Megan and David - you guys are the best and I am so grateful that I am documenting your love story. I wish you and Corbin a lifetime of love and fun. Love you guys.

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